Dev stories

October 6, 2022

10:30  -  10:50

In this talk Mike Hergaarden shares M2H’s story and lessons learned on their road from indie to AA.  More

Rami does Rami

Blue Stage

10:50  -  11:30

Rami Ismail will do a talk at the Dutch Game Day powered by Control. That we know for sure. But that’s about all we know.  More

11:30  -  12:10

This lecture will go through Broken Arms Games post-release strategy for “Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator” in order to keep up sales numbers and make the most out of the game for a year straight. More

13:50  -  14:30

In this talk Kela will be deconstructing her strategy to developing, pitching and marketing Mail Time as well as how she’s been approaching building a network in the game industry when starting from scratch.


13:50  -  14:30

Here’s how you can prototype super duper fast, and also never manage to release a single game(almost)! More

14:30  -  15:10


For the longest time, the most critically acclaimed games have been the ones with the darkest themes and grimmest depictions of life— now there’s room at the table for developers who strive to do the opposite. More