October 6, 2022

10:10  -  10:30

When it comes to the development of a multiplayer game, putting in place the right hosting infrastructure is crucial to the long term success of your game. More

11:30  -  12:10

This lecture will go through Broken Arms Games post-release strategy for “Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator” in order to keep up sales numbers and make the most out of the game for a year straight. More

13:30  -  13:50

It’s 2022 and the Games Distribution still majorly still works as if the industry would still sell physical copies. More

13:50  -  14:30

In this talk Kela will be deconstructing her strategy to developing, pitching and marketing Mail Time as well as how she’s been approaching building a network in the game industry when starting from scratch.


15:30  -  15:50


In this presentation Christel van Grinsven will share the latest facts and figures about the Dutch video game industry More