November 29, 2017

09:30  -  10:10


Teleporting Horses, Nightmare Unicorns and Defecating Godlings… With every new card comes a new challenge for the artists behind GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.

11:10  -  11:50

Monument Valley 2

In this talk well explore how ustwo games chose the story of the changing relationship between a mother and her child for Monument Valley 2. We’ll discuss  the tools we chose to tell that story, and the larger question of why we as an industry aren’t telling these stories more often.

Bringing Life 2D

Pandora or Hertz

16:40  -  17:00

Herald Characters_

Animation is often seen as an entirely different branch from illustration, but this talk elaborates on ways that you can animate your work as a 2D artist and expand your skillset beyond static images.

17:00  -  17:40


Richard Oud will go over some of the tricks and challenges that came with animating the mechanical creatures for the open world game of Guerrilla Games.