Tymon Smektala

Lead Game Designer

Tymon Smektala (He/Him) is an active member of the games industry for more than two decades. First in journalism, later in development.

He started as a game journalist at the biggest Polish gaming magazine CD-Action, working as the magazine Editor and Editor-in-chief for the highly popular magazine‚Äôs website. Voted as the most influential game journalist in Poland. After switching careers to game development joined Techland where he took the role of a game designer on Dying Light, followed by assignments as a lead game designer on Dying Light: The Following and Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Active public speaker, often present in media and various game industry gatherings. Owner of two cats and a firm believer in niksen… even though it’s not always possible.

Games that Tymon worked on: Dying Light, The Following, Dying Light 2