Emrah Kara

Founder & CEO VaultN

Emrah Kara (He/Him), CEO and Founder of Amsterdam-based VaultN b.v. comes with a successful track-record in Digital Distribution. He launched multiple startups with 7-digit € valuations and successful exits and founded VaultN together with Co-Founder Julian Migura to create a digital distribution platform for digital assets in the B2B space. Being founded in 2020, the patent-pending platform leverages from openAPI technology to standardize and automate digital distribution within the $200bn video games industry for publishers, distributors and retailers. VaultN is currently in a closed beta with several industry partners and will switch to Open Beta in Q3 2022.

Projects that Emrah worked on: VaultN, Voidu

The market is broken, we’re going to fix it (presented by VaultN)
October 6, 2022
Splashtop Stage
13:30  -  13:50