Next Gen Games – Games You Play With The Next Generation

November 29, 2017

Dajana Dimovska

Co CEO & Bizdev

16:00  -  16:20


What are Next Gen Games? Most often Next Gen Games are defined by next gen hardware; games with better graphics and more advanced tech that are pushing the envelope of immersion in games. This talk will approach Next Gen Games from the player perspective instead.

It will explore the next generation player sub-group of experienced and inexperienced players playing together. The focus will be on a co-op play and play-situations created outside the actual game. Dajana will present her observations of how this sub-group plays together and why it is important and relevant to designing future games.

Dajana’s talk is based on her experience and work at Napnok Games (designing and developing games like WiiU game Affordable Space Adventures and upcoming Playlink game Frantics), personal play experience, personal interests, and observations of player trends.

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Session Category :  Control Conference 2017  Game Design