How Saves Save The World – Building Management Games in Unity

October 6, 2022

Manuel Kerssemakers

Tech Lead and Co-founder

11:30  -  12:10
Splashtop Stage

Management games are on the rise. But how do you develop these complex games efficiently with a small team?

An important challenge is modeling the game world. Imagine a 20-hours-played save for a game like Anno, Godhood or Stellaris. It requires saving buildings, characters, upgrades, tasks, scenarios, abilities and many more objects. The resulting object graph is highly complex, interconnected and ever-changing. There’s a challenge in modeling this state, let alone testing it, saving it, loading it, expanding it and iterating on it during development.

To rapidly prototype strategy game systems it’s essential to tame this complexity. It turns out the key lies in thinking thoroughly about your save game state.

In this talk Manuel shares the fundamentals of the architecture and workflow that Abbey Games uses to create large-scale management games in Unity and C#.

A rare inside look at a management game framework used for a multi-year project in Unity.
A practical and technical exploration of a custom serialization system.
Learn to think about saving and loading as more than storing data: as a way to model your game world.


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