Horizon Forbidden West – Animating believable Characters and Creatures

October 6, 2022

Richard Oud

Animation Director

09:30  -  10:10
Blue Stage

Horizon Forbidden West is the latest game created by Guerrilla and is the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn published in 2017. The animation team worked hard to produce new mechanics, features and enemies for Aloy’s new adventure. In this session, Richard Oud (Studio Animation Director) will cover an in-depth look at the supporting animations and systems that drive these topics, ranging from player mechanics, human enemies and robotic creatures defining the core gameplay experience of Horizon Forbidden West. A strong focus lies on the team keeping close watch of the character personalities and background story during development to make sure it fits the visual language established in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Session Category :  Art and Animation  Dutch Game Day powered by Control 2022