Getting the most out of working with a publisher

November 29, 2017

Callum Underwood

Chief Acquisitions Officer

Eric Bartelson

freelance game journalist

Hans van Brakel

Executive Manager

Paul M. Hanraets

Business director

11:50  -  12:30


A good game is all that matters to sign a deal with a publisher, right? Wrong. Having a good game is essential, but there is more to it.

This panel will help developers to understand publishers better. Publishers will share how they evaluate games, what they consider to be the right fit for their label, and how to increase your chances of landing a meeting or a deal. They will also explain what they have to offer, what happens after the deal is signed, and how publisher and developer can contribute to the success of a game.

Based on this information, the audience can decide whether finding a publisher is the right way to go for their game, and if so, how to increase their chances of signing a deal.

This panel is moderated by Eric Bartelson, former editor in chief of everything Control.

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