Game Design

November 29, 2017

11:10  -  11:50

Monument Valley 2

In this talk well explore how ustwo games chose the story of the changing relationship between a mother and her child for Monument Valley 2. We’ll discuss  the tools we chose to tell that story, and the larger question of why we as an industry aren’t telling these stories more often.

14:10  -  14:30


In this talk Roel will be showing the three design methods that RageSquid applied to create, shape and evolve the design of their new downhill mountain biking game ‘Descenders’.

14:30  -  14:50


How do you create a game from a simple gut feeling without knowing what the end product will look like?

14:50  -  15:30

Hidden Folks

Dive deep into the tiny but important details of Hidden Folks’ game design.

16:00  -  16:20


What are Next Gen Games? Most often Next Gen Games are defined by next gen hardware; games with better graphics and more advanced tech that are pushing the envelope of immersion in games. This talk will approach Next Gen Games from the player perspective instead.