Speakers of Control Conference

Speakers of Control Conference

These are the speakers of Control Conference 2016. We will be announcing 2017 speakers closer to the event.


Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer More


Kate Edwards is the Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) More

Frej Appel

Frej Appel is a Senior Concept Artist at EA DICE, at the time of writing he’s wrapping up work on Battlefield 1.



Brie Code makes video games with people who don’t play videogames.


William Chyr

William Chyr is an artist and independent game designer based in Chicago. More

James Valls

James Valls is a Senior Producer at Rebellion.   More

Joris van Ballegooijen

As a grant officer for the Creative Industries Fund NL Joris is responsible for the current grant programs for E-culture and the Gamefund. More

Catherine Woolley

Catherine Woolley is a Senior Designer at The Chinese Room working on exciting new projects.


Mikkel Svendsen

Mikkel Svendsen is VFX Artist at Playdead.


Raymond Crook

Raymond Crook has been animating for Double Fine Productions in San Francisco for the past 15 years and has been the studio’s lead animator since 2012.


Martin Sahlin

Martin Sahlin is a creative thinker, and a firm believer in games as art.


Leonie Manshanden

Leonie Manshanden is a consultant with more than 115 titles under her belt.  More


Born between Atari2600 and Commodore64, Mathieu studied in France, Switzerland and Canada and worked the last 13 years as a software engineer on professional flight simulators graphics engine and games middleware More

Manuel Kerssemakers

Manuel Kerssemakers is co-founder, marketeer and programmer at Abbey Games.


Sjoerd De Jong

As Evangelist for Epic Games, Sjoerd travels around Europe to talk about and teach Unreal Engine 4.


Koen Deetman

Ambitious, highly driven, and people-oriented game director


Stephanie van Geel

Stephanie van Lith – Van Geel is a game marketer and owner of game marketing company Game Drive.


Niels t Hooft

Niels ’t Hooft (1980) contributes to games as a story director, copywriter and consultant.


Joris Dormans

Joris Dormans is developer, researcher and author, all in one.


Zuraida Buter

Zuraida Buter is a playful culture curator based in the Netherlands. More

JP van Seventer

JP van Seventer is managing director at Dutch Game Garden More


Rebecca is a programmer at WeirdBeard Games, in Amsterdam, currently working on recently released title Tricky Towers. More

WeirdBeard Games

Sherida is a game developer from the Netherlands and released her debut game “Beyond Eyes” in 2015 as tiger & squid. More


Dierckx had been a longtime journalist, editor and publisher within games media, before crossing to the dark side and entering game development itself. More


Jeroen van Mastrigt works as creative director at Freedomlab, the institute for redefinition. More


Peter has 20 years of experience in the video-game industry and is one of the founders of Codeglue More