Willem Hilhorst

Storyteller and Game-Expert

Willem Hilhorst (He/Him) is active as Storyteller for The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision. He mainly works as a researcher for the new museum and focuses “Tell’ and “Play”. His expertise in games has led him to working with the games-preservation team. He publishes stories on games and works with the team to help preserve Dutch video games in their game archive. He hopes to help the preservation of games by using his international network to establish collaborations with other developers, studios and preservation efforts. Previously he worked at the Dutch children’s television series “Het Klokhuis” and he also took part in an elective internship at Nintendo of Europe in 2017.

In his free time he writes for several game publications that are focused on Nintendo. He lives with his girlfriend and two cats near Utrecht and one of his favorite games of all time is Tetris Effect: Connected.

Projects that Willem worked on: De Nederlandse Video Games Canon (The Dutch Video Games Canon)

Please Insert A Memory Card – Preserving Dutch Games for Eternity
October 6, 2022
Splashtop Stage
13:10  -  13:30