Stephanie van Lith – van Geel

Stephanie van Geel
Marketing strategist

Stephanie van Lith – Van Geel is a game marketer and owner of game marketing company Game Drive.

Starting of as a sports marketer she soon found out that working with video games took less of an effort to bridge the gap than she first anticipated. In both fields the passion, addiction and strong drive to win is very prevalent. The different roles that the community and press can play and their great influence on your success are too very similar.

As a game marketer, Stephanie specializes in a strategy where acquisition, engagement and monetization are managed as a ‘trinity’. The balance between these three aspects are crucial for an effective game marketing strategy; something her many years of experience at ISOTX, a large international game company specialized in war games, has taught he and she’s further developed in Game Drive.

Game Drive is a game marketing company that Stephanie founded in 2014. It offers strategic and result oriented marketing catered specifically to game developers. Several project that they’ve worked or are still working on are; the WW1 shooter Verdun, the strategy adventure game Renowned Explorers: International Society, the edutainment kids game DuckWorld, and the strategic close-combat multiplayer game Divided We Fall to name just a few.

Games Stephanie worked on: Verdun, Renowned Explorers: International Society, Duckworld, Pilot Perils, Divided we Fall, March of War, Iron Grip: Marauders, PowarGrid, iO

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Shoveling up a Verdun campaign
September 28, 2016
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