Manuel Kerssemakers

Manuel Kerssemakers
Co-founder, Marketeer, Programmer

Manuel Kerssemakers is co-founder, marketeer and programmer at Abbey Games.

Settlers II, Tribes 2 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time are super cool games. At least, those are the ones that got Manuel hooked on games as a kid. Pursuing university he didn’t believe in a career in games and chose Artificial Intelligence instead, satisfying his passion with Blizzard RTSes, ever more GameMaker projects and the slowly blooming portfolio of Steam in 2010. After his bachelor he switched to Game and Media Technology, a computer science master, where he maintained the stubborn belief that learning to code more Procedural Generation and AI would surely be useful outside of games as well. Fortunately this is where he met Abbey Games’ other co-founders who finally convinced him to embrace games in full. Initially Manuel was responsible for gameplay and AI programming, but soon enough he learned that no entrepreneur can just focus on their product. He started learning about production, marketing and business, growing his experience in tandem with Abbey Games. Four years and two successful games later he still can’t decide on a single job title, but he gets to work on and play games daily and that’s most of what matters.

Games Manuel worked on: Renowned Explorers, Reus, Dark Day LA

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