Leonie Manshanden

Leonie Manshanden
co-founder, consultant and advisor

Leonie Manshanden is a consultant with more than 115 titles under her belt. She is the owner of SouthPaw Strategy and co-founder of IndieDevkit. She consults for studios worldwide on various marketing, operations and finance issues. She worked with publishers and studios in European and U.S. markets and has guided companies through their most challenging and defining moments. She has been involved with the launch of over 115 titles on various platforms. She knows how to run a large studio, but also has plenty of experience working with small independents.

Games Leonie worked on: Perception, Turmoil, Submerged, Flame in the Flood, BioShock Infinite, Mortal Kombat (various), Star Wars Battlefront 2, Doom 3, Rise and Fall, Call of Duty (various) and more….

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September 28, 2016
13:30  -  14:10