Lee Hammoud

Technical Lead

Hailing from Lebanon, Lee Hammoud (He/Him) has over seven years of Unreal Engine experience, working on several indie games over this span. Lee attended film school before transitioning back to game development full-time. His solo game, Psychoverse City, has been featured in a number of media including conferences like INDIGOx 2019 and Bitbash 2019. He has experience teaching Unreal at educational institutions, and has been highlighted by Epic Games as part of Meet Someone Unreal. Having been part of about twenty game-jams, Lee has a capacity for rapid game development. He is now part of a newly founded indie studio called Lunacy Studios while also working on a new exciting VR title called Soar with a game studio that he recently co-founded.

Games that Lee worked on: Psychoverse City, Soar

Doing Half The Job: Expert in Prototyping, Horrible in Shipping
October 6, 2022
Blue Stage
13:50  -  14:30