Joris Dormans

Joris Dormans
Game Developer

Joris Dormans is developer, researcher and author, all in one.

Dormans runs Ludomotion, a indie game studio specializing in procedural content generation and innovative gameplay. Ludomotion’s current title is Unexplored: a roguelike, real-time, dungeon crawler show casing some of the latest techniques in content generation. Before, Ludomotion released the popular math-puzzle game Sumico and the generative, multiplayer, arcade game Bezircle.

Dormans is also an assistant professor in game studies at Leiden University and a respected member of the international game research community. He has a PhD from the University of Amsterdam where he studied games as emergent system and created the game design tool Machinations. The internationally acclaimed book Game Mechanics, which he co-authored with industry veteran Ernest Adams, is based on this tool and research.

Games Dormans worked on: Unexplored, Sumico, Bezircle

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