Christel van Grinsven

Operations manager

Christel van Grinsven (She/Her) is the operations manager at Dutch Game Garden. As part of the management team, she has helped build Dutch Game Garden to be the number one game hub in Europe and to become an international visible player in the game start-up scene. With a background in regional development, she has ample experience with (semi-) governmental organizations that stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship and has been leading work packages in several European projects. Christel has 10+ years of experience in managing international (serious) game projects where the games industry meets education, research, and clients in various sectors, such as healthcare and education. This has given her a vast knowledge of the industry and experience in research, project management, policy advisement, and innovation combined. As a key figure behind the past three editions of the Games Monitor for the Dutch games industry, she has a lot of insights into the growth of the industry, the challenges (start-up) companies face and the myriad of inspiring games that have been developed in the Netherlands.

Projects that Christel worked on: Games Monitor


Dutch games industry: key facts and figures
October 6, 2022
Splashtop Stage
15:30  -  15:50