Catherine Woolley

Catherine Woolley
Senior Designer

Catherine Woolley is a Senior Designer at The Chinese Room working on exciting new projects.

She previously worked on BAFTA Award-winning Alien: Isolation and it’s DLC at Creative Assembly. In total she has been working as a Designer for over 7 years and prior to Creative Assembly worked at Electronic Arts Bright Light on Harry Potter and Flips titles.

Catherine is a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit for 2015 and is also on the BAFTA Games Committee. She has been listed in the Top 100 Women in Games list for MCV twice now and recently the Top 30 Women in Games for MCV. As well as working in games professionally she also takes part in multiple game jams throughout the year and encourages everyone to give them a go to test themselves and work outside their comfort zones.

Games Catherine worked on: Alien: Isolation

Catherine’s personal website:

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Game Jams – Condensed Creativity
September 28, 2016
14:10  -  14:50