Video Games Are Boring

September 28, 2016


Brie Code


14:50  -  15:30

Child of Light

Brie uses her 13 year experience to make the whole world play and enjoy games. In her talk she explains why and how.

Brie loves video games, but most of her friends don’t. They would never touch a AAA game and they play mobile games secretly and with a sense of shame. But our lives are increasingly interactive and frenetic and interactive entertainment should be the most relevant medium of our times. In this contradiction she sees huge potential, and she won’t be satisfied until she’s figured out how to share video games with her friends and people like them. In this talk Brie will discuss all the mistakes she has made throughout her 13 year career in pursuit of this goal from within major studios like Ubisoft Montreal, and what she’s doing now with her own company, Tru Luv Media, where they are making games not only for people who don’t like video games but WITH people who don’t like video games, and why Brie thinks this approach will finally work.

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Session Category :  Control Conference 2016  Game Design