Resurrecting Renowned Explorers: Forging Success From a Failed Launch

September 28, 2016

Manuel Kerssemakers

Manuel Kerssemakers

Co-founder, Marketeer, Programmer

16:00  -  16:30

Renowned Explorers

Manuel Kerssemakers shares how Abbey Games turned the failed launch of Renowned Explorers into a success.

Launching games is known to be hit-or-miss. You work hard, hopefully release and then roll the dice. Success means lots of sales and good reviews, and otherwise we’re quick to label something a failure, but is a game’s performance this binary? A year ago Abbey Games failed to launch Renowned Explorers properly, now it’s over a $1M in revenue. What happened in between? In this talk Abbey Games dissects the troubled and ambiguous launch of Renowned Explorers and views the steps it took to turn a big loss into a big win.

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