Creating The Game Industry We Want

September 28, 2016


Kate Edwards

Executive Director

10:30  -  11:00


Kate Edwards will discuss the state of the industry as it is and as it could be if we act to make it happen.

Since its emergence, the game industry has always had a certain character to it that eventually became accepted as “normal”. This normality includes extreme work hours and/or extended periods of “crunch time”, a gross lack of demographic diversity, a narrowing of what are considered “successful” games, a greater public that still misperceives our medium, and so on. While this has been the case for decades, does it necessarily remain the industry that we – the game-creating professionals – really want? With insights from the IGDA’s annual Developer Satisfaction Survey and other inputs, Kate Edwards will envision what our game industry would be, how it should function, and what it could look like – if we as game development professionals act to make it happen.

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